2014 VDKA & Capital City Speedway Banquet

Awards List: **Every driver listed will receive an award!**

Date: January 31, 2015
Location: Bowling Green Town Hall
117 Bulter St
Bowling Green, VA 22427


To celebrate a wonderful 2014 season for both VDKA and Capital City Speedway one lucky 2014 driver will walk away with a brand new PRC Triton! Tickets will be given to drivers who participated in either VDKA or CCS for the 2014 season. You had to compete in one race with either organization and must be in attendance to win.

Plenty of prizes, awards, entertainment for all.

Doors open at 3:30pm
Program starts at 5pm

Banquet Reservation Form

Mail your reservation before January 24, 2015
Make checks payable to VDKA please and mail to:
9005 Shady Grove Rd
Mechanicsville, Va. 23116
(804) 746-2140 daytime phone

Congratulations to the 2014 VDKA Champions!!

Clone Medium EL - #11 Ryan St. Clair

Jr. Sportsman Sprint - #23 Massie Ralston

Animal Heavy - #20 Adam Beville

Sr. Champ Clone - #18 Sam Church

Flathead Heavy - #01 Dougie Young

Jr. Sportsman 1 Champ - #99 Hunter Self

Jr. Champ - #56 Cameron Jarrell

Clone Extra Heavy - #87 Wes Morgan

Jr. Sportsman 2 Champ - #51 Ryan Matthews

Clone Heavy EL - #99 Monk Newsome

Sr. Champ Animal - #16 Shane Bass

Jr. Star Sprint - #23 Kendahl Erb

Jr. Restricted Sprint - #13 Evan Dennis

Clone Heavy - #16 Adam Beville

Jr. Star Champ - #51 Kendall Catlett

Attention ALL champions: Please go to the AD Leathers website (click on the Karting Information link) and fill out the measurement form for your jacket ASAP. They also provide a video with the correct way to take measurements (please watch).

Take a look at who is eligible for awards at the banquet!

Celebrating 30 years!


Take a look back at previous VDKA Champions!


VDKA is a Maxxis Nationals transfer series

2015 Schedule

Date and Tracks for the VDKA 2015 schedule:
March 28 - Brunswick Speedway
May 9 - Capital City Speedway
June 20 - Albermarle Speedway (Elizabeth City)
July 11 - Brunswick Speedway
August 1 - Albermarle Speedway (Elizabeth City)
August 29 (rain date) Spetember 19 - Capital City Speedway
October 10 (rain date)

Jr Driver of the Month - Kendahl Erb

Age: 8
Hometown: Norfolk, Va
Classes: Jr Star Clone
Kart Type: PRC Banshee
Motor Builder: Stumo Racing
Dirt Divas Racing
Jungle Golf of Va Beach
Xtreme Mechanical Services LLC
Stumo parts & accessories
North End Pizza of Va Beach
ASCO Performance coatings
J&J race cars
Amsoil East Coast Synthetics
Crew Chief: Greg Erb
What age did you start racing? 5
Where and what class was your first race? Albemarle Speedway North Carolina Amateur Junior Sportsman 1
How did you get involved in karting? My dad was the head flagmen at Albemarle speedway and decided to let me try it and I loved it.
What has been your greatest karting accomplishment so far? My greatest accomplishment to date is recently when I was practicing and broke the 13 sec mark.
Future goals? To become state champion for the 2014 VDKA season. Farther in life is to become a hall of fame driver.
What other hobbies/interest do you have outside of kart racing? I am a member of the local Girl Scout troop 1426. I love to swim and spend time with the family.
Other comments. Remember you are always a winner!!

Previous drivers of the month

Sr Driver of the Month - Adam "Precious" Beville

Age: 28
Hometown: Stony Creek, Virginia
Classes: Animal and Clone
Kart Type: Charger Racing Chassis
Motor Builder: CKE by Boom Boom & HHOP by Higgy
Sponsors: X-factor Preps, Charger Racing Chassis, FC Communication, Spin Jag and CKE
Crew Chief: Shane Bass
What age did you start racing? 8 years old
Where and what class was your first race? Margarettsville Speedway Jr1 Purple plate
How did you get involved in karting? My father got me involved in it. It has been a family tradition. Racing is in my blood!
What has been your greatest karting accomplishment so far? Winning my first eagle, winning my first leather jacket and meeting the amazing friends like all the Margarettsville crew and the Bass family.
Future goals? WINNING
What other hobbies/interest do you have outside of kart racing? I like to hunt A LOT, play golf, play ball and anything to do with good times!
Other comments. Racing is more than a hobby! It is a way of life! This sport has brought my family and other families closer together. I have spent just about every weekend during the summer at a track with my family since the age of 8 and there are not too many people that can say that. I have met such great people through racing like Shane Bass. We started out as competitors, then became friends, then became partners in a prep business, and then team mates and now we are crew chief and driver. Shane has given me the opportunity to do all my other hobbies and still be able to race. This awesome year and more to come would not be possible without the hard work week in and week out from Shane and Rebecca Bass. Y'all are my family and will always be. I would like to thank Dad (FAT CAT), Mom (Momma Cat), sister (Courtney) and girlfriend (Arlie) for allowing and supporting me for every long Saturday night at a dirt bowl everywhere up and down the east coast. KEEP DIGGIN!

Previous drivers of the month

VDKA 30th Anniversary Race Winners!

Congratulations to the winners of the 3 anniversary races!


Champion of Champions - John Yancey (2008 Animal Heavy VDKA Champion)


Sr Champ Animal - Chris Fahed (2013 Sr Champ Clone EL VDKA Champion)


Clone Heavy HT3 - Matthew Robinson (2013 Animal Heavy VDKA Champion)

2015 Classes

The classes being offered for 2015 have been posted on the Classes page.


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**Clone Classes**
All Clone Classes must run a Billet Aluminum or Steel Flywheel. "No Cast Flywheels Allowed".

Virginia Dirt Karting Association 2013 Rule-Book
2013 Engine Rules

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